Exclusives Boyds Bears

Lil' Bubba Ray... Sunny Days
Item Number: 02005-71
Value: $9.99
Bubba Ray
Item Number: 02005-90
Value: $19.99
Item Number: 1046671
Value: $14.99
Abearham Lincoln... Four Score And Seven Years Ago
Item Number: 227811SM
2008 Horizon Of Hope Pin
Item Number: 26212LB
Value: $3.7
Sage Basketblooms
Item Number: 392180LB
Value: $12
Sage Basketblooms Crocktopper
Item Number: 651239LB
Value: $20
Horizon Of Hope Basketsitter 2008
Item Number: 651436LB
Value: $6.5
A Tisket A Tasket Basketsitter
Item Number: 651437LB
Value: $7.99
The Whimsical World Of Boyds Bears Standard Hardback Book
Item Number: 790-43
Value: $30.99
The Whimsical World Of Boyds Bears Collector Edition With Slipcase
Item Number: 790-44
Value: $45.99
Hope & A. Future
Item Number: 900220HH
Value: $20
Item Number: 900300SF
Value: $40
Momma Mc New W/hugsley
Item Number: 910021SF
Value: $35
Toy Box Of Friendship & Memories
Item Number: 910022
Value: $24.99
Sally W/annie
Item Number: 91009SF
Value: $30
Item Number: 912071-02SF
Value: $38
Mooshell Patchbeary
Item Number: 912096SF
Value: $34
Emmie Bramblebeary
Item Number: 912628SF
Value: $42
Item Number: 91264SF
Value: $45
Stella Starbear
Item Number: 913973SF
Value: $20
Item Number: 917297SF
Value: $20
Mrs. Northstar
Item Number: 917303-03SF
Value: $45
Claus Kringlebeary
Item Number: 917311-01SF
Value: $45
Item Number: 917373SF
Value: $34
Dixie Hackett
Item Number: 918334SF
Value: $30
Hannah H. Woodsbeary
Item Number: 919839CA
Value: $24
Momma Macbearsley With Jessica
Item Number: 919840CA
Value: $28
Abby & Katie Foreverfriends
Item Number: 919841CA
Value: $25
Alexandra & Jessica Bearyfriends
Item Number: 919843CA
Value: $23
Img Bear Value Item Number Collection Data 3 Amazon eBay
Lil' Bubba Ray... Sunny Days Boyds Bear Lil' Bubba Ray... Sunny Days $9.99 02005-71
Bubba Ray Boyds Bear Bubba Ray $19.99 02005-90
Rosie Boyds Bear Rosie $14.99 1046671
Abearham Lincoln... Four Score And Seven Years Ago Boyds Bear Abearham Lincoln... Four Score And Seven Years Ago 227811SM
2008 Horizon Of Hope Pin Boyds Bear 2008 Horizon Of Hope Pin $3.7 26212LB
Sage Basketblooms Boyds Bear Sage Basketblooms $12 392180LB
Sage Basketblooms Crocktopper Boyds Bear Sage Basketblooms Crocktopper $20 651239LB
Horizon Of Hope Basketsitter 2008 Boyds Bear Horizon Of Hope Basketsitter 2008 $6.5 651436LB
A Tisket A Tasket Basketsitter Boyds Bear A Tisket A Tasket Basketsitter $7.99 651437LB
The Whimsical World Of Boyds Bears Standard Hardback Book Boyds Bear The Whimsical World Of Boyds Bears Standard Hardback Book $30.99 790-43
The Whimsical World Of Boyds Bears Collector Edition With Slipcase Boyds Bear The Whimsical World Of Boyds Bears Collector Edition With Slipcase $45.99 790-44
Hope & A. Future Boyds Bear Hope & A. Future $20 900220HH
Theodore Boyds Bear Theodore $40 900300SF
Momma Mc New W/hugsley Boyds Bear Momma Mc New W/hugsley $35 910021SF
Toy Box Of Friendship & Memories Boyds Bear Toy Box Of Friendship & Memories $24.99 910022
Sally W/annie Boyds Bear Sally W/annie $30 91009SF
Winnie Boyds Bear Winnie $38 912071-02SF
Mooshell Patchbeary Boyds Bear Mooshell Patchbeary $34 912096SF
Emmie Bramblebeary Boyds Bear Emmie Bramblebeary $42 912628SF
Bojingles Boyds Bear Bojingles $45 91264SF
Stella Starbear Boyds Bear Stella Starbear $20 913973SF
Murtaugh Boyds Bear Murtaugh $20 917297SF
Mrs. Northstar Boyds Bear Mrs. Northstar $45 917303-03SF
Claus Kringlebeary Boyds Bear Claus Kringlebeary $45 917311-01SF
Buckley Boyds Bear Buckley $34 917373SF
Dixie Hackett Boyds Bear Dixie Hackett $30 918334SF
Hannah H. Woodsbeary Boyds Bear Hannah H. Woodsbeary $24 919839CA
Momma Macbearsley With Jessica Boyds Bear Momma Macbearsley With Jessica $28 919840CA
Abby & Katie Foreverfriends Boyds Bear Abby & Katie Foreverfriends $25 919841CA
Alexandra & Jessica Bearyfriends Boyds Bear Alexandra & Jessica Bearyfriends $23 919843CA
Cela Bration Boyds Bear Cela Bration $13 91984CA
Honor Boyds Bear Honor $36.99 919956FF
Twinkle Bear Boyds Bear Twinkle Bear $35 94164MA
Aunt Carole Beary Boyds Bear Aunt Carole Beary $9.5 94169MA
Aunte Elaine Wilbear Boyds Bear Aunte Elaine Wilbear $9.5 94170MA
Janie Icebeary Boyds Bear Janie Icebeary $26.99 94171MA
Auntie Sheila Bearisch Boyds Bear Auntie Sheila Bearisch $14.99 94171PG
Carlie Icebeary Boyds Bear Carlie Icebeary $8.99 94172MA
Nichole Hollybeary Boyds Bear Nichole Hollybeary $31.99 94173MA
Nicholas Hollybeary Boyds Bear Nicholas Hollybeary $12.99 94174MA
Holly M. Kringlefrost Boyds Bear Holly M. Kringlefrost $23.99 94175MA
Zachary Kringlefrost Boyds Bear Zachary Kringlefrost $11.99 94176MA
Emmie Kringlefrost Boyds Bear Emmie Kringlefrost $11.99 94177MA
Anna Mae Bakersbear W/ Lil' Snap Boyds Bear Anna Mae Bakersbear W/ Lil' Snap $26 94182PP
Jae Lynn Jackson Boyds Bear Jae Lynn Jackson $19.99 94183PP
Brittney Boyds Bear Brittney $9.5 94183YF
Emily Starbright Boyds Bear Emily Starbright $14.99 94185HL
Rose Bud Boyds Bear Rose Bud $24.95 94203HD
Mommie And Me Boyds Bear Mommie And Me $19.99 94204HD
Bearwinkle Boyds Bear Bearwinkle $12.99 94205HD
Kisses Boyds Bear Kisses $15.99 94210HE
Swingin Sweetie Boyds Bear Swingin Sweetie $16.95 94211HE
Private D. Ration Boyds Bear Private D. Ration $16.95 94212HE
Coco Boyds Bear Coco $5.99 94214HE
H.b. Kisses Boyds Bear H.b. Kisses $10.99 94215HE
Bea Myne Boyds Bear Bea Myne $13.99 94216HE
Betty Boyds Bear Betty $19.99 94217HE
Captain Kisses Boyds Bear Captain Kisses $16.95 94222HE
Lovin' Kisses Boyds Bear Lovin' Kisses $16.95 94223HE
Valentina B. Bearhugs Boyds Bear Valentina B. Bearhugs $20 94261SF
H.b. Bearwish Boyds Bear H.b. Bearwish $25 94263SF
G.p. Hugabunch Boyds Bear G.p. Hugabunch $25 94264SF
William Boyds Bear William $16 94291PO
Sarah Jane Boyds Bear Sarah Jane $17 94292PO
Cindy Bear Boyds Bear Cindy Bear $12.5 94293PO
Agnus Macbear Boyds Bear Agnus Macbear $49.99 94294PO
Wayne B. Bear Boyds Bear Wayne B. Bear $10.5 94295PO
Anastasia Boyds Bear Anastasia $30 94380JCP
Krystal Penneybeary Boyds Bear Krystal Penneybeary $30.99 94381JCP
James C. Penneybeary Boyds Bear James C. Penneybeary $27.99 94382JCP
Glory B. America Boyds Bear Glory B. America $35.99 94390CH
Ellsworth Boyds Bear Ellsworth $14.25 94491LD
Boyd F. Thirstin Boyds Bear Boyd F. Thirstin 94510CB
Katherine C. Lefleur Boyds Bear Katherine C. Lefleur $25.99 94512CB
Elizabeth M. Spangler Boyds Bear Elizabeth M. Spangler $25 94513CB
Bonnie Septembear Boyds Bear Bonnie Septembear $13.99 94514CB
Amanda Octobear Boyds Bear Amanda Octobear $13.99 94515CB
Carol Novembear Boyds Bear Carol Novembear $13.99 94516CB
Wanda Decembear Boyds Bear Wanda Decembear $13.99 94517CB
Shawnna Januarybear Boyds Bear Shawnna Januarybear $13.99 94518CB
Kimberly Lynn Februarybunny Boyds Bear Kimberly Lynn Februarybunny $13.99 94519CB
Blessed Mother Of Mine Aprilbear Boyds Bear Blessed Mother Of Mine Aprilbear $13.99 94521CB
Polly Maypig Boyds Bear Polly Maypig $13.99 94522CB
Pride Junebear Boyds Bear Pride Junebear $13.99 94523CB
Sassy Summer Julycat Boyds Bear Sassy Summer Julycat $13.99 94524CB
Madeline Ann Woodsbeary Boyds Bear Madeline Ann Woodsbeary 94531KR
Sarah Patchbeary Boyds Bear Sarah Patchbeary $22 94532KR
Hannah B. Punkinbeary Boyds Bear Hannah B. Punkinbeary $24 94533KR
Holly B. Kringlebeary Boyds Bear Holly B. Kringlebeary $22 94534KR
Emily Daisydew Boyds Bear Emily Daisydew $25 94535KR
Amber Woodsbeary Boyds Bear Amber Woodsbeary $15 94535WH
Madison Glorybear Boyds Bear Madison Glorybear $20 94536KR
Poor Ol' Bear Boyds Bear Poor Ol' Bear $25 94536SF
Heather & Heathcliff Plumbeary Boyds Bear Heather & Heathcliff Plumbeary $20.5 94536WH
Emma Jane Mintly Boyds Bear Emma Jane Mintly $29 94537KR
Chance Furgold Boyds Bear Chance Furgold $15.99 94537WH
Cherry Blossom Bear Boyds Bear Cherry Blossom Bear 94564SI
Large Smithsonian Bear Boyds Bear Large Smithsonian Bear $21.99 94568SI
Small Smithsonian Bear Boyds Bear Small Smithsonian Bear $7.99 94569SI
Samantha Marie And Brady Boyds Bear Samantha Marie And Brady $25 94591SYN
Brianna Bearlov Boyds Bear Brianna Bearlov $14 94592POG
Sunny B. Goodcheer Boyds Bear Sunny B. Goodcheer $12.5 94593POG
Mae I. Loveya Boyds Bear Mae I. Loveya $12.5 94594POG
Kristi With Kaylie Marie Boyds Bear Kristi With Kaylie Marie $17 94595SYN
Morgan B. Thumblover Boyds Bear Morgan B. Thumblover $10.5 94596SYN
Sugar Plum Beary Boyds Bear Sugar Plum Beary $9.99 94597POG
Prince Harry B. Nutcracker Boyds Bear Prince Harry B. Nutcracker $24 94598POG
Willie B. Mouseking Boyds Bear Willie B. Mouseking $12 94599POG
Ima Survivor Boyds Bear Ima Survivor $13.99 94600IHW
Shasta Daisydew Boyds Bear Shasta Daisydew $18.99 94603POG
Sissy Bearyfriend Boyds Bear Sissy Bearyfriend $15.99 94604SYN
Little Orchard Annie Boyds Bear Little Orchard Annie $16 94605POG
Grandma Grace Readsalot W/child Boyds Bear Grandma Grace Readsalot W/child $9.99 94607POG
Emma Emmington Boyds Bear Emma Emmington $9.99 94608BO
Rosie Pink Posie Boyds Bear Rosie Pink Posie $14.99 94609BO
Mackenzie Alexandra Boyds Bear Mackenzie Alexandra $19.99 94618EB
Jamison Ann Dickens Boyds Bear Jamison Ann Dickens $24.99 94619EB
Betsie L. Steadsbeary Boyds Bear Betsie L. Steadsbeary $26.95 94623LB
Doodle And Dandy Boyds Bear Doodle And Dandy $16.95 94624LB
Posie Picksabunch Boyds Bear Posie Picksabunch $24.95 94626LB
Lil' Love Boyds Bear Lil' Love $15 94629LB
Patricia Cooksbeary Boyds Bear Patricia Cooksbeary $28 94630LB
Heather Steadsbeary Boyds Bear Heather Steadsbeary $28 94632LB
Petunia Steadsbeary Boyds Bear Petunia Steadsbeary $22 94633LB
Grammy Quiltsbeary With Patches Boyds Bear Grammy Quiltsbeary With Patches $38 94635LB
Lucky O'beary Boyds Bear Lucky O'beary $15 94640LB
Huggles Boyds Bear Huggles $18 94641LB
Snuggies Boyds Bear Snuggies $15 94642LB
Trissy Teabeary Boyds Bear Trissy Teabeary $34 94643LB
Star Steadsbeary Boyds Bear Star Steadsbeary $22.95 94645LB
Glory Steadsbeary Boyds Bear Glory Steadsbeary $26.95 94646LB
Faith L. Bearywell Boyds Bear Faith L. Bearywell $16 94647LB
Princess Nicole Bearyspoiled Boyds Bear Princess Nicole Bearyspoiled $17.5 94653GCC
Diane Bearyfriends Boyds Bear Diane Bearyfriends $14.99 94654GCC
Denise Needsmoreshoes Boyds Bear Denise Needsmoreshoes $15 94655GCC
Andrea Jane Boyds Bear Andrea Jane $25.99 94656GCC
Philips A. Stockz Boyds Bear Philips A. Stockz 94661LB
Weaver Girl Boyds Bear Weaver Girl $14.95 94662LB
Holly Jolly Peeker Boyds Bear Holly Jolly Peeker 94664LB
Rosebud L. Bearywell Boyds Bear Rosebud L. Bearywell $22.99 94675LB
Suzie B. Spicebeary Boyds Bear Suzie B. Spicebeary $47.99 94692YC
Muffin B. Bluebeary Boyds Bear Muffin B. Bluebeary $45.99 94693YC
Victoria Bearybright Boyds Bear Victoria Bearybright $39.99 94696YC
Noel Bearybright Boyds Bear Noel Bearybright $36.95 94699YC
B. Franklin And Baby Adams Boyds Bear B. Franklin And Baby Adams $12.99 94786UW
Dana Marie Bearsley Boyds Bear Dana Marie Bearsley $14.5 94848GCC
Destiny Angelbear Boyds Bear Destiny Angelbear $22.5 94893GCC
Natalie Plumbeary Boyds Bear Natalie Plumbeary $9.5 94894GCC
Miss Nicole Plumbeary Boyds Bear Miss Nicole Plumbeary $31 94895GCC
Tucker Applesmith Boyds Bear Tucker Applesmith $19.5 94896GCC
Constance Bearyfine Boyds Bear Constance Bearyfine $30 94897GCC
Kimberlyn Woodsbeary Boyds Bear Kimberlyn Woodsbeary $13.5 94898GCC
Moe Munchencrunch Boyds Bear Moe Munchencrunch $21.5 94899GCC
Corrine Patchbeary Boyds Bear Corrine Patchbeary $14 94901GCC
Drema Yawnsalot Boyds Bear Drema Yawnsalot $29.99 94902GCC
Libby Bearyproud Boyds Bear Libby Bearyproud $31.5 94903GCC
Mimi And Arlene Boyds Bear Mimi And Arlene $31.5 94904GCC
Beary Dearfriend Boyds Bear Beary Dearfriend $24.99 94907FLO
Missy Umuch Boyds Bear Missy Umuch $24.99 94908FLO
Ima Grateful Boyds Bear Ima Grateful $24.99 94909FLO
Wade Tugo Boyds Bear Wade Tugo $24.99 94910FLO
Lucky Boyds Bear Lucky $24.99 94911FLO
Starr Boyds Bear Starr $79.99 94912FLO
U.r. Theone Boyds Bear U.r. Theone $79.99 94913FLO
H.p. Beeday Boyds Bear H.p. Beeday $79.99 94914FLO
Daniel Boyds Bear Daniel $22 94914SAS
Mama Bearsley And Cubby Boyds Bear Mama Bearsley And Cubby $29.99 94915FLO
Hopin' U. Feelbetta Boyds Bear Hopin' U. Feelbetta $24.99 94916FLO
I. Luvyalots Boyds Bear I. Luvyalots $24.99 94917FLO
Happy Bearwish Boyds Bear Happy Bearwish $24.99 94918FLO
Sophie Jane Gingerbeary Boyds Bear Sophie Jane Gingerbeary $20.99 94921GCC
Kortney Kringlebeary Boyds Bear Kortney Kringlebeary $30.99 94922GCC
Olivia Beariluved Boyds Bear Olivia Beariluved $25.99 94923GCC
Alyssa M. Punkinbeary Boyds Bear Alyssa M. Punkinbeary $29.99 94924GCC
Gracie C. Burrbruin Boyds Bear Gracie C. Burrbruin $22.99 94925GCC
Mountie Mooseltoe Boyds Bear Mountie Mooseltoe $29.99 94926GCC
Carly Anna Boyds Bear Carly Anna $7.99 94927GCC
Jessie Lu Boyds Bear Jessie Lu $19 94975CC
Lindsey Marie Goodbear Boyds Bear Lindsey Marie Goodbear $21.99 94976CC
Daisy Anna Goodbear Boyds Bear Daisy Anna Goodbear $21.99 94977CC
Crystal B. Goodbear Boyds Bear Crystal B. Goodbear $24.99 94978CC
Twinkle Crystalfrost Boyds Bear Twinkle Crystalfrost $9.99 94979CC
Penolope Pearsley Boyds Bear Penolope Pearsley $49.99 94980CC
Megan Marie Goodbear Boyds Bear Megan Marie Goodbear $23.99 94987CC
Emma M. Sweetstuff Boyds Bear Emma M. Sweetstuff $15.95 9498HM
Dorothy Cocoabeary Boyds Bear Dorothy Cocoabeary $20.99 94990CB
Ruthy Appleton Boyds Bear Ruthy Appleton $24 94993CB
Maddison Bearyproud Boyds Bear Maddison Bearyproud $22 94994CB
Jenna Rae Boyds Bear Jenna Rae $21 94995CB
Taylor Rene Boyds Bear Taylor Rene $24 94996CB
Caitlynn P.j. Crystalfrost Boyds Bear Caitlynn P.j. Crystalfrost $25 94997CB
Cindy Lou Bearican Boyds Bear Cindy Lou Bearican $24.99 94998CB
Dinah Boyds Bear Dinah $25.99 95020CB
Bessie Lou Augustcow Boyds Bear Bessie Lou Augustcow $13.99 95021CB
Mattie Boyds Bear Mattie $17.99 95022CB
Audrey Bearybloom Boyds Bear Audrey Bearybloom $19.99 95023CB
Jimmie Boyds Bear Jimmie $24.99 95024CB
Gordy Pumpkin Spice Boyds Bear Gordy Pumpkin Spice $13.99 95026CB
Harry Harvest Boyds Bear Harry Harvest $7.99 95203HE
Chocolate Boyds Bear Chocolate 95204HE
Maple Bearyproud Boyds Bear Maple Bearyproud $21.99 95307LB
Peggy Sue Remember When Boyds Bear Peggy Sue Remember When $20.99 95309LB
Blanche Steadsbeary Boyds Bear Blanche Steadsbeary $23.99 95310LB
Sassy Steadsbeary Boyds Bear Sassy Steadsbeary $14.99 95311LB
Hoppity Bunniears Boyds Bear Hoppity Bunniears $14.99 95312LB
Kim Beebeary Boyds Bear Kim Beebeary $29.99 95316LB
Noelle Hollybeary Boyds Bear Noelle Hollybeary $25.99 95317LB
Amber Steadsbeary Boyds Bear Amber Steadsbeary $25.99 95318LB
Bubbles... Relax A Lot Boyds Bear Bubbles... Relax A Lot $18.99 95319LB
Gracie L. Bearywell Boyds Bear Gracie L. Bearywell $16.99 95327LB
Tobey T. Beebeary Boyds Bear Tobey T. Beebeary $27.99 95328LB
Crystal Angelfrost Boyds Bear Crystal Angelfrost $26.99 95329LB
Sage Basketblooms Boyds Bear Sage Basketblooms $18 95339LB
Bailey Bunnytoes Boyds Bear Bailey Bunnytoes $13.99 95340LB
Carin And Carrie Bearywell Boyds Bear Carin And Carrie Bearywell $12.5 95341LB
Pooh Ornament Boyds Bear Pooh Ornament $16.5 95905DSO
Eeyore Ornament Boyds Bear Eeyore Ornament $16.5 95906DSO
Tigger Ornament Boyds Bear Tigger Ornament $16.5 95907DSO
Piglet Ornament Boyds Bear Piglet Ornament $16.5 95908DSO
Disney Limited Edition Ornament Boyds Bear Disney Limited Edition Ornament $34.5 95909DSO
Pooh Boyds Bear Pooh $29.5 95911DSP
Eeyore Boyds Bear Eeyore $29.5 95912DSP
Pooh Boyds Bear Pooh $16 95974DSO
Tigger Boyds Bear Tigger $16 95975DSO
Eeyore Boyds Bear Eeyore $16 95976DSO
Piglet Boyds Bear Piglet $16 95977DSO
100 Acre Wood Snow Globe Boyds Bear 100 Acre Wood Snow Globe $96 95978DSW
Pooh Boyds Bear Pooh $30 95979DSP
Toy Box Of Friendship & Memories Pac Boyds Bear Toy Box Of Friendship & Memories Pac $144 96201SE
Josie K. Bearsmark Boyds Bear Josie K. Bearsmark $14.95 9689HM
Baxter T. Birch Boyds Bear Baxter T. Birch $14.95 9690HM
Cameron W. Bearsmark Boyds Bear Cameron W. Bearsmark $17.95 9691HM
Faith 'n Dreams Boyds Bear Faith 'n Dreams $15.95 9692HM
Cassidy L. Bearsmark Boyds Bear Cassidy L. Bearsmark $10.95 9693HM
Mikie O'burr Boyds Bear Mikie O'burr $16.95 9694HM
Starr E. Night Boyds Bear Starr E. Night $9.95 9695HM
Sydney G. Bearsmark Boyds Bear Sydney G. Bearsmark $17.95 9696HM
Tulla B. Bearfoot Boyds Bear Tulla B. Bearfoot $15.95 9699HM
Rainey Bloomengrows Boyds Bear Rainey Bloomengrows $24.95 9700HM
Sam Yule Boyds Bear Sam Yule $16.95 9701HM
Holiday Boyds Bear Holiday $10.95 9702HM
Candy Cane Bear Boyds Bear Candy Cane Bear $4.99 9709SRG
Christmas Tree Bear Boyds Bear Christmas Tree Bear $4.99 9710SRG
Beary Precious W/candle Boyds Bear Beary Precious W/candle $20.99 9722HM
Chester D. Boyds Bear Chester D. 97602CAN
Horizon Of Hope Treasure Box 2008 Boyds Bear Horizon Of Hope Treasure Box 2008 $12 392181LB
Chelci Robear Boyds Bear Chelci Robear $12 900217IDE
Hunter Boyds Bear Hunter $20 900219HH
Bestest & Buddy Boyds Bear Bestest & Buddy $22 903005SF
Ethan B. Boyds Boyds Bear Ethan B. Boyds $12 94165MA
Laura Elizabeth Yachtley Boyds Bear Laura Elizabeth Yachtley $15.5 94210MGC
Cottontail Kisses Boyds Bear Cottontail Kisses $13.99 94213HE
Leah Grace Marchbear Boyds Bear Leah Grace Marchbear $13.99 94520CB
Bess Bearman Boyds Bear Bess Bearman $15.99 94538WH
Mary Alice Weedsalot Boyds Bear Mary Alice Weedsalot $21.5 94849GCC
Tigger Boyds Bear Tigger $29.5 95913DSP
Piglet Boyds Bear Piglet $29.5 95914DSP