Glowscapes Collection Boyds Bears

Hugs Night Light
Item Number: 811800
Value: $19.99
Evening Rose Nightlight
Item Number: 811801
Value: $19.99
All Aboard! Nightlight
Item Number: 811802
Value: $19.99
Bee Happy Nightlight
Item Number: 811803
Value: $19.99
Blossoms Of Friendship Nightlight
Item Number: 811804
Value: $19.99
Evening Rose Tiffany Style Lamp
Item Number: 811806
Value: $145.99
Img Bear Value Item Number Collection Data 3 Amazon eBay
Hugs Night Light Boyds Bear Hugs Night Light $19.99 811800
Evening Rose Nightlight Boyds Bear Evening Rose Nightlight $19.99 811801
All Aboard! Nightlight Boyds Bear All Aboard! Nightlight $19.99 811802
Bee Happy Nightlight Boyds Bear Bee Happy Nightlight $19.99 811803
Blossoms Of Friendship Nightlight Boyds Bear Blossoms Of Friendship Nightlight $19.99 811804
Evening Rose Tiffany Style Lamp Boyds Bear Evening Rose Tiffany Style Lamp $145.99 811806