Fashion Families - Wonderland Boyds Bears

Betty B. Bundled Up And Bert
Item Number: 904880
Value: $35.99
Suzie Q. Snowflake
Item Number: 904881
Value: $35.99
Frankie And Lil' Flake
Item Number: 904887
Value: $12.99
Mr. Shivers
Item Number: 904882
Value: $24.99
Img Bear Value Item Number Collection Data 3 Amazon eBay
Betty B. Bundled Up And Bert Boyds Bear Betty B. Bundled Up And Bert $35.99 904880
Suzie Q. Snowflake Boyds Bear Suzie Q. Snowflake $35.99 904881
Frankie And Lil' Flake Boyds Bear Frankie And Lil' Flake $12.99 904887
Mr. Shivers Boyds Bear Mr. Shivers $24.99 904882
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